Thursday, February 27, 2020

Service Approach through Production line approach in Delivery Essay

Service Approach through Production line approach in Delivery - Essay Example Production line approach remains dependable for the success of service operation in today’s world. This is an approach where employees follow the set rules of customer approach as set by the operation management of that company. Notably, earlier business empires have written in favor of production line approach on customer service. This logic and tactics of manufacturing create a structured order on the service, which a certain company gives to its customers. It is relevant since a majority of the companies in the current world of business make profits out of it. Take for example a case where an employee encounters a business merchant and the customer is new to the products of that company. This is where production line approach comes in since the merchant will need a brief of the company’s product. You will notice that in such situations, the operation management has structured down procedurals for its employees’ to follow in the advent of such scenarios. It wou ld enlighten the client on the basic information, as the employees have to take customer service from stage to stage. The customer benefits from the time and maximum orientation before transactions are sealed. As this is not enough, if a customer establishes himself as regular to a certain service business line, the employee production line approach have to work in favor of the customer until he or she gets are needs well catered satisfactorily. The traditional view of such an approach is that the operational management perceives and believes that when you put your employees into the specialization of their labor, there are economic benefits in it. Through such an operation, the chain of flow on how customers get services is convenient and even creating a non-confusing environment for the customers. This all happens because of the structured procedurals. The success of service industry can multiply with production line approach. The system encourages breaking down of Jobs into multi ple tasks. The positions are then redistributed to employees with each assigned the magnitude of his services (Bowen, 2003:4). Just as the way production industries have broken down their lines of production, the service operation get alike. The employees are assigned areas where they would specialize hence perfecting their skills and register to use upon the customers. The production line of service delivery through specialization makes the quality of customer service efficient. The aim is to reduce wasteful efforts in employees and maximizes greater efficiency. According to Taylor, the procedure focuses on economic achievement as simplicity invents in work delivery. As a

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